We are an international eSports tournament that invites over 100 universities to compete for  $100,000 in scholarships. Giving the players opportunities to step into the professional scene of gaming is what we, Collegiate Colosseum, is all about.


In the past, we had gathered 5,000 attendees across the nation to compete against one another. We settled the dispute of who is deemed the strongest at the Esport Arena in Santa Ana, California. Collegiate Colosseum had given out a chance to win $15,000 in scholarships to over 100 colleges. We envision growing numbers of participants with more grand prizes, bragging rights, and scholarships in the future.


Unfamiliar or seeking information about esport? Let us introduce you to the realm of competitive gaming.


Cheer on your favorite team or players. Follow us on our live stream and event schedule.


Go for broke. Compete among the thousands and stand victorious above the rest. Register now.


“Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller. Join us and get connected.


The people creating this event comes from all different backgrounds. If you interested in either volunteering, connecting us to sponsor your products or establishing a partnership, please submit your information to us with the link below. We at Collegiate Colosseum extend our gratitude to all contributing to this extraordinary opportunity where all gamers can take a step into the competitive scene.

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between amateur and professional players. Over 50 colleges across the country participated in our events. Now we present you the moment of a lifetime to demonstrate your abilities to the world. Learn, Watch, Play, and Evolve. The Colosseum summons you!